Higher Flow | Higher Performance

6” Double Wall Conductive HDPE Piping SYSTEM


Higher Flow Higher Performance

6” Double Wall Conductive HDPE Piping SYSTEM

Engineered for easy installation
In Conductive & Non-Conductive

Specified and installed by oil companies around the globe since 1996, with expertise in engineering plastics dating back to 1950, KPS is leading the development of plastic piping for sensitive liquids like fuel and chemicals. From the start, we’ve focused on 2 key features: making fluid flow safely, and easy installation. Today we’re proud to say that KPS double wall fittings are the only system on the market to weld both pipe walls simultaneously.

KPS piping is available in sizes and conductivities for petrol, diesel, ethanol blends, alcohols, resins and conduits in single or double wall/containment.

Product Ranges

All piping available in conductive or non-conductive (excluding conduits)

About KPS

KPS Piping: Defining What’s Next Since 1996

Since 1996 KPS has been leading the development of plastic petroleum/fuel pipe systems on or used in forecourts around the world with safe, reliable and installation friendly piping.

Today the KPS Plastic Pipe System is sold and installed across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, China, South America and Africa to make sensitive fluids flow safely. KPS’ double wall Polyethylene piping is the most popular choice among forecourt installers and piping designers thanks to smart, lightweight and compact solutions that make piping design and installation easier than ever; providing a long-lasting solution that’s liquid/water tight and corrosion-free.

Since 2013, KPS has been a part of OPW (a Dover company) allowing us to offer an unprecedented portfolio of complementary best-in-class products.



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OPW offer classroom and on-site training to familiarise installers with KPS’ easy install piping and electrofusion welding system.

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