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Data Centres

Data Centres

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KPS’ plastic (polyethylene) pipe system provides data centres and cloud facilities with reliable, safe fuel transfer solutions to supply facilities’ backup generators in case of an interruption of the regular power supply.

As the use of data centres has increased, their requirements have evolved significantly. In recent years, this has led to an increasing need for efficiency, reliability, and reduced downtime risk, driving an increased focus on value over cost.

High-performance backup generator fuelling systems

Corrosion-resistant, safe and easy to install (due to compact electrofusion fittings) the KPS HDPE piping system helps fuel flow safely, even providing protection against ground movements (using the elasticity and flexibility of HDPE). Safety can be enhanced further by installing KPS’ conductive piping option, ensuring continuous conductivity between the tank and the end of the line (which can be earthed).

This helps to prevent the accumulation of electric charges that could otherwise be created by the friction of the fuel velocity and the plastic inner surface. KPS’ 4” (110mm) piping also delivers a 933 litre/minute flow rate, making it ideal for fill lines (KPS piping is available in 1” to 4” diameters in single or double wall). KPS will also soon be releasing a 6” double wall product range.

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