KPS Line Leak Detection System

The KP 315 is a pressure and vacuum free system that uses gravitation for detection of leakage.

Up to five double walled pipes can be connected to the manifold and leak detection unit that is placed in the tank sump. If there is need for surveillance of more pipes, another manifold can be added for surveillance of up to 9 double wall pipes in total. Up to six leak detection units can be connected to one alarm unit.

In case of a leak into the interstitial space of the pipes, the liquid (hydrocarbons, methanol, ethanol or water) will flow into the leak detection unit and trigger an alarm signal to the alarm unit.

The KP 315 can be connected to existing tank gauging systems using a standard I/O interface.

Features And Benefits

  • Low maintenance – no compressor or refill of gas bottles needed
  • Can be retro-fitted on existing stations
  • Cost efficient: One alarm unit can be used for surveillance of up to 6 sumps
  • Visual and audio alarm
  • Can be integrated with existing gauging
  • Approved to EN13160

Line Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Article Number Description Remark Pack Size
KP 315AU-G Alarm unit for leak
detection system
Monitors up to 6 leak detection units. Compatible with all major tank gauging systems. 1
KP 315LD-02 Leak detection unit ATEX and EN13160 approved leak detection unit with one connection point, including 2 m tubing. 1
KP 315-2M Signal cable, 2 m For connection of leak detection unit to alarm unit. 1
KP 315-25M Signal cable, 25 m For connection of leak detection unit to alarm unit. 1
KP 315J EX rated cable connector For signal cable junctions. 1
KP 315MF Leak detection manifold,
4 connection points.
Manifold for the leak detection unit, including 10 m tubing, for monitoring of up to 5 pipe lines. For monitoring of more pipes, use two manifolds in series. 1
KP 315LD-02-SET Includes KP 315LD-02, 315-2M, 315MF and KP 315J. 1

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