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HDPE piping for demanding environments

Chemical resistant with zero permeation

Engineered for easy installation. Resistant to abrasion and most chemicals

KPS’ HDPE piping is engineered for demanding environments like mining, with its corrosion and abrasion resistant properties, conductive capabilities, and a permeation barrier to protect the environment.

The KPS system includes both single and double wall piping up to 6”, with a flow rating of 2,500 litres a minute to suit all fuelling requirements including diesel, petrol, ethanol blends and other alcohols (conductive), and chemicals. For other uses, get in touch.

EN 14125, ATEX 137 & EN 13463-1 Approved

KPS piping is designed for safely transporting fuel (as well as contaminated water, gasses, and chemicals), making it ideal for underground, open surface, placer, and in-situ mining. KPS piping holds approvals for EN 14125, ATEX 137, EN 13463-1 plus many other country or fuel specific standards.

Designed for fast, simple installation our double wall fittings are the only brand to weld both pipe walls simultaneously, providing a tried and tested long-term solution that’s liquid/watertight and corrosion-free (inert). KPS installation training and certification is provided by our team of KPS experts.

For a list of certifications and approvals, visit our approvals page.

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