Interactive KPS Petrol Pipe System

Explore this animation to see how KPS’ easy-install piping can provide a long term solution for both suction and pressure service stations and forecourts, with sizes and conductivities to fit every fuel transfer requirement including: remote fill, pressure, suction, ventilation, vapour recovery and conduits for single and double wall/containment systems.

Product Ranges

All piping available in conductive or non-conductive (excluding conduits)

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We regularly install generators to back up data centers in the event of a power cut. We have been using KPS products exclusively for more than 10 years now to make the double-wall underground fuel pipes up to the storage tanks. These are easy to implement, mainly thanks to the assembly by thermo-welding, and the range of products is very complete, which makes it possible to create any type of network, even complex.

Nicolas Lefebvre, Project Manager, Flipo-Richir