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KPS 6” piping provides fast, safe system for busy boat refuelling facility in French Guyana

Installed in French Guyana, this industry first 6″ (200/160 mm) double wall conductive piping was used for a boat refuelling station. The client required a piping system that could handle a high flow rate to fuel the heavy traffic flow of boats in the area. With a flow rate capability of 2,500 litres a minute, our industry first 6″ HDPE double wall conductive piping was perfect for this site.

With 40 years of pioneering with HDPE piping systems, the KPS 6″ piping range was created for projects like this which require a flow rate capability of up to 2,500 litres a minute.

In addition our KPS-welding installation system for our 6″ HDPE piping allowed for an easy installation.

Learn more about our 6” piping here.

Latest News