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BP-Aral, Hildesheim, Germany

KPS piping helps German BP site meet tight build schedule

Project overview

BP-Aral approached KPS for a new build site in Hildesheim, Germany. Piping had to meet German regulations surrounding tank chambers and to be installed within five working days to meet the strict construction schedule.
KPS piping had to be installed within 5 working days to meet the strict project deadline


Key requirements for this site:
  • Tank chambers needed to be supplied with pre-made holes
  • Unused holes needed to be watertight when closed but not welded, so that they were accessible for maintenance
  • The vapour recovery (St.1) line (3”, KP 90EC6) needed to be connected to as many tanks as possible
  • Tank chambers needed to be close to each other as T-pieces could not be used (due to regulations)
  • As dispenser sumps are not used in Germany, termination and transition of double wall suction pipes (KP 75/63SCEC8) needed to be done above a dispenser frame in confined spaces


KPS piping provided an easy-install solution for the Hildesheim BP project, which met German forecourt regulations.

Key features included:

  • Installer friendly system, minimising the number of welds required. In fact, KPS is the only piping system to weld both pipe walls simultaneously
  • Blind entry boots (KP TM75/54B and KP TM125/90B) enabled unused holes to be closed without sealing
  • In the case of a future extension, the blind boots can be removed with ease. No steel cutting, welding or hot spark work would be required
  • The 3” cross fittings made it possible to connect the vapour recovery (St.1) line (3”, KP 90EC6) to multiple tanks
  • The KPS (TM75/63SC20) piping was able to fit in the double wall suction lines above the 130mm wide dispenser frame. Alternative piping systems could only fit 250mm dispenser frames
  • The ball valve on the test port allowed for testing of the functionality of the leak detection system
KPS provided an installer friendly solution to meet BP-Aral’s strict project deadline
BP-Aral specified KPS’ plastic double wall piping at a new build site in Hildesheim, Germany
Tank chambers were supplied with pre-made holes on all chamber walls


The project was completed within the tight construction schedule and the German forecourt regulations were met. Hildesheim Germany now have a reliable below ground fuelling system.

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