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BP-Aral, Leipzig, Germany

BP-Aral Leipzig upgrades to KPS double wall piping to solve fuel egress issues

Project overview

BP-Aral approached the KPS team for a quick below ground replacement for their corroding steel pipes on a site in Leipzig Germany which had begun to break down and leak. The original piping had been installed over twenty years ago.


The previously installed flexible corrugated steel and copper piping had become damaged through corrosion over time, causing pipes to leak. The angle at which the concrete tank sumps had been installed required a flexible pipe replacement. Despite the challenging installation requirements, a short downtime was key to this project.

Previously installed corrugated steel and copper piping was damaged due to corrosion
The original piping had been installed over twenty years ago
The previously installed steel piping had less flexibility than KPS piping


KPS plastic piping was installed in long curves to fit the layout of the concrete tank sumps, and a hole was cut in the corner of each sump to allow KPS termination fittings to enter, and to be connected to the tanks. KPS’ double wall piping prevents leakage, while onsite training (provided by OPW) enabled a fast installation with minimal downtime.
A key requirement of this project was limited downtime


KPS provided BP-Aral’s Leipzig site with a corrosion-resistant long-lasting below ground solution that will prevent leakage and continue to perform year after year.

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BP-Aral upgrades Leipzig site from steel to KPS plastic double wall piping
Tank chambers were supplied with pre-made holes on all chamber walls


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