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District Heating, Rennes, France

OPW provides bespoke piping solution for leading heating network

Project overview

A demanding district heating redevelopment project in Rennes, France for an industry leader in the design, construction and operation of specialist heating networks. KPS and Fibrelite products provided the ideal solution including tailormade KPS fittings.


In order to ensure adherence to mandated procedures relating to safety and productivity, essential redevelopment works to 8 x 100,000 litre diesel storage tanks had to be conducted within a tight construction deadline.
Bespoke pipework for existing narrow steel chambers was required. This often poses a problem to pipe suppliers, many of which can only supply standard products. A Fibrelite vent transition sump was also required.
As the filling points were installed inside a garage building, a leak free zero permeation system was essential


After consulting with both the client and the installer working on this project OPW provided a custom KPS piping solution which would accommodate the existing steel tank chambers. The solution included an integrated double wall termination fitting combined with entry boot (KP TM125/110SC-C) and as requested general arrangement drawings were provided at each stage of design process to the customer.
To provide easy access to the vent stacks the customer specified Fibrelite transition sumps. The bespoke vent transition sumps were a two-vent stack S11-2-VENT which provided a watertight solution.
KPS conductive double wall piping provides the highest possible level of safety for Ethanol’s potential to generate charge
Fibrelite vent transition sump provided easy access to KPS single wall suction system and double wall suction system (pictured)


All products were supplied to site within the strict construction deadlines, minimising disruption to the onsite facilities.
KPS piping and Fibrelite dispenser sumps provided a compact long-term solution. KPS piping allowed an excellent ratio between effective diameter of fuel passage and compact external diameter, limiting the required size of the trenches and is electrostatically safe conductive piping provided the highest possible level of safety for the Ethanol’s potential to generate charge.
Fibrelite’s long lasting watertight vent transition sumps and KPS conductive piping
This project was a demanding district heating redevelopment project in Rennes, France

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