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Heysham Port, Lancashire, UK

Heysham Port retrofits KPS piping for diesel ethanol power plant fill lines

Project overview

Contractor Eric Wright Waters approached OPW to provide an installer friendly solution for new double wall diesel fill lines for ferries at Heysham Port, a recreational and commercial (3m tonnes/yr.) seaport in Lancashire (opened in 1904).


This site had 3 key requirements:
1. Environmental protection: preventing leakage was essential with the proximity to the water. Double wall piping was specified for protection and to allow monitoring of the interstitial space with a leak detection system.

2. A compact solution: the space for the connection between the existing 6” steel pipe and the new piping was too tight to use traditional sweeping bends.

3. Simple fast installation: minimising disruption and cost.

Compact moulded elbows make the join from new KPS piping to the previously installed fuel piping
KPS double wall diesel piping
KPS double wall piping, allowing monitoring of interstitial space


OPW recommended and supplied KPS 125/110 double wall fill piping, providing a zero-permeation solution that allows Heysham Port to monitor the interstitial space with a leak detection system.

KPS double wall fittings are the most compact and installer friendly on the market, and the only piping system to weld both pipe walls simultaneously. In this project, a compact moulded elbow, the KP 33-125/110SCC, was used for the join from the 125/110 KPS piping to the existing 6” fuel piping (see images).
KPS Petrol Pipe System™ is certified to EN 14125, ATEX 137, EN 13463-1 and by DIBT Germany as well as a number of other country and fuel specific standards.

In house and onsite installation training was provided, as is standard with clients new to the KPS piping system.


Installation was completed smoothly, ahead of schedule. KPS piping is now specified as standard at Heysham Port.

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KPS piping provides a zero-permeation solution
In house and onsite training was provided by OPW
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