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Ski Resort Refuelling Centre

Need to quickly refuel your snowmobile or snow plough?

This project at a ski resort in Andorra (Pyrenees) involved the design and installation of a new diesel pipeline system for the resort’s private snowmobile, snow plough and maintenance vehicle refuelling centre. KPS piping was specified for the project by a trusted regional contractor and KPS-certified installer.

Key requirements:

  • Reliable and compatible with the low temperatures consistent with this operating environment.
  • Easy to install.
  • Electrostatically safe (conductive piping).
  • Double wall piping with an interstitial space.
  • Installed by a certified installer.
Above-ground diesel tank: KPS piping was installed on the roof of the gallery using metal supports
KP 75/63 double wall pipe coils were installed in a concrete trench around the ski resort
KP 75/63 double wall and KP 63 single wall piping connected to the above-ground tank. A leak detector is also connected to the interstitial space of the double wall pipe
KPS 75/63 coiled pipe is optimal for long pipe runs, negating the requirement for additional/unnecessary welding sockets
KPS’ conductive piping can easily be earthed to prevent electrostatic discharges. The yellow cables required for this are connected at the end of the pipe run
KPS piping connects the above-ground tank to the outdoor refuelling area

The KPS solution:

  • KPS’ conductive 2” (75/63mm) double wall piping proved the perfect solution for this project, enabling the fuel flow rate required to supply diesel to the fleet and exceeding safety requirements.
  • KPS conductive pipes are electrostatically safe (like the metal piping used in the past) avoiding potential static charge build-up (which can lead to sparks). In fact, KPS developed the first conductive HDPE piping system in the world.
  • KPS’ 75/63 double wall piping system provides an extra layer of safety due to the interstitial space between the inner and outer pipes. This interstitial space can be monitored by a leak detector to prevent leaks and contamination, a big concern for the resort.
  • KPS pipes are tested and approved according to EN14125. This testing standard facilitates an operating temperature range between -20ºC to 50ºC making KPS the ideal choice for the harsh winter environment consistent for this region.
  • KPS offers technical support from the beginning to the end of every project, services offered including relevant product drawings, site surveys (on request), on-site training and pipefitter certification. The wealth of technical support readily available to KPS-certified installers ensures they are optimally equipped and trained in the installation and effective use of KPS plastic pipe systems.
2” double wall pipes clamped on the roof to connect the diesel aerial tank to the outdoor refuelling area

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